How to Spy on WhatsApp from Android/Iphone/Windows Phones and Read Conversations

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most widely used smartphone messenger with over 100,000,000+ downloads on Google Play Store. You use it every day and most of you are also addicted to it. You might also be curious to know what your crush is talking with someone or your girl friend is cheating on you or you want to know what your son is upto!

I have a solution for all your problems! Just read the entire post and you’ll learn how to spy on WhatsApp secretly and see other’s conversations.

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METHOD 1: WhatsApp Sniffer

WhatsApp Sniffer is a tool to read WhatsApp conversations from different root terminals under a WIFI network. It captures conversations, pictures, videos that are sent or received from Android phone, Iphone or Nokia working on the same WiFi network.



Its very easy to view others whatsapp chats on devices without using whatsapp sniffer. Here are simple steps:

For Android

  • Go to the whatsapp folder in the memory or SD card.
  • Open the Databases folder.
  • You will find two files namely “msgstore.db.crypt” and “msgstore-*date*-db-crypt”.

For Iphone

  • Go to com.whatsapp and open Databases folder.
  • You will find files namely “msgstore.db” and “wa.db”.
  1. Copy these files from the phone and store them.
  2. Here is a tool to display whatsapp chats on your computer.
  3. Use the WhatsApp Xtract by ztedd to extract the encrypted files. (Learn more)
  4. Download it here!
  5. Use the two files which you took previously. The extractor decrypts the files and you can see the conversations.

METHOD 3: Spywares

Using spywares can be very useful to view others WhatsApp chat history and also to keep a spy on picture/videos being shared. Not only WhatsApp you can track the GPS location, capture the screen lock patterns and many more. Most of the spywares are premium packs but prefer BOSSPY which is absolutely free! Bosspy WhatsApp hack!

There you go! You have just learnt how to spy on WhatsApp and Read Conversations of others. WhatApp being a very confidential messenger, you cannot directly hack into other’s account and send messages, you can only read conversations.
*This content is only for educational purpose.

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