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TekTrunk welcomes you to our About page. Here you can get one step closer to us!

To start up, TekTrunk is basically a new website dealing with Technology and Innovations in this quickly changing world, latest Android updates and Windows and Facebook tips and tricks. Also get to know new and interesting things and countdowns under How To and Top 10 categories. TekTrunk is for those who are passionate about the newest technologies and the most exciting innovations out there with a pinch of entertainment. Or let it put it this way, “TekTrunk is for people like us!” Its for those who believe in the other side of being just geeky.

Before you start assuming of what we are, know a few things we are NOT! We are not here to whirl web marketing on our finger tips and fill our pockets. We are not blogging professionals YET (moving in the right way though)!

TekTrunk is run by a team of Daily Ofiice going ordinary people, amazed and excited about blogging, web building and online marketing. We are self motivated and here to motivate people towards technology, software and hardware. We are here to help, update and guide you in the right way in this vastly developing digital world.
Make this point clear! We are not against any firm or organization, We analyze, do a lot of ground work and research, thereby providing genuine information in whatever we write.

Feel free to contact us anytime, and we’ll come back to you within the next 24 to 48 hours. Any help, doubts, complaints (or even appreciations) are accepted.

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