15 tips For Getting longer Battery Life on your Mobile Device

How to Improve the Battery Life on your Mobile Device

Long gone are the days when the battery life of your mobile phone could last days! Nowadays it’s difficult to get your battery to last for even a single day. Here are 15 tricks you can use to improve the battery life of your smartphone:

#1 Delete unused Apps

Delete the apps you don’t use. These apps are active in the background, draining your battery life even when not in use. You will be surprised at just how much having these apps running in the background will affect the battery life of your mobile device!

#2 Disable background Apps

Background app data is important for the functionality of your main apps, but do not have them active for nonessential apps? Disable these apps not used as often to increase your battery life of your mobile phone.

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#3 Don’t close Everyday Apps constantly

This is a great tip. Don’t keep closing apps that you use regularly. People often think that this will improve your battery life, but actually it reduces it!

#5 Disable notifications

Turn off notifications for the apps you don’t use that regularly. Keep them active only for the most important apps that you always use such as Facebook and Twitter!

#6 Reduce email fetching

Turn off your mobile phone’s auto fetching of email feature. Only have it check for new mail when you manually request it to. This tip is only available however for iOS users.

#7 Turn off GPS on non essential apps

Turn off your phone’s GPS as it is constantly tracking your location and reporting it. It is often used to provide location updates in social media posts, but it can cause a massage drain on your battery life.

#8 Turn down screen brightness

Turn down the brightness of your screen and turn off auto brightness as well. A bright screen drains battery quickly, this can be done quickly on most mobile phones to save battery life!

#9 Turn off Sounds and vibrations

Turning your phone to silent is thought to save battery, but not if your phone is still vibrating. Turn vibrations off completely if you want to improve your battery life.

#9 Reduce Lock Time

Decrease the time your phone waits before automatically locking your phone. This will help improve battery life as the screen will not be left on unused for 10 minutes if you reduce this to 1-2 minutes before the lock screen automatically comes on.

#10 Turn off Bluetooth!

Only turn Bluetooth on when you have to use it. Otherwise, keep it off as the process of being constantly open in the background of your phone seriously drains the battery. This is one I have to use all the time to save my battery life when out and about.

#11  Set AMOLED Displays darker

If your phone has an AMOLED display, try keeping  it set to a dark background. This tactic has been reported to save people up to an hour of battery life every day as your phone would have fewer pixels that it would need to light up.

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#12 Charge your battery regularly

The advice to only charge your battery when it is fully depleted is a thing of the past with new technology in your batteries now. Put your battery on charge whenever you can, otherwise you might end up damaging your battery if you repeatedly drain it fully.

# 13 Low Signal

If your phone is experiencing low signal strength and you are running low on battery, turn airplane mode on and try to get closer to a WIFI source.

# 14 Battery Saver Mode

If you have an Android phone, you have the advantage that this option comes already installed on your mobile device. Battery saver mode is an excellent way to increase the amount of time that your fully charged battery will last. This is now also available on iPhones with the latest ios versions.

# 15 Airplane Mode

If your phone is about to die and you are desperate, simply turn airplane mode on as a last ditch effort to make sure that it does not turn off! Find a power source quickly.

We hope you found this 15 quick tips to help improve the battery life on your mobile device. We look forward to hearing your comments or feedback if you found this post helpful. Happy Tekking.


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