Best Free Windows 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs

To be successful in this fast moving World everybody need hard work and commitment. The people who are successful entrepreneurs are enjoying their lives with money happily. But hard work doesn’t mean that you should perform all the tasks by yourself, entrepreneurs use technology to perform most of their tasks with ease. We are living in a High-tech World and now each and everything is faster than our thinking, every entrepreneur is having a gadget in his hand i.e. Smartphone, laptop or a Macbook to make their devices more productive they are using third-party applications; every gadget mentioned earlier has its own app store, where people can get their desired apps.

Best Free Windows 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs

Windows 10 is on the way and will be launched in April 2015, but its technical preview is rocking machines of developers and experts. I personally think that it’s going to be a big hit after Windows 7, while Windows 8 was a misfortune for Microsoft. For those Entrepreneurs who are having Windows machines and going to equip Windows 10 after its launch, I’m sharing some of the best apps here in this article.

Best Windows 10 Applications



It’s difficult to transfer text data from one device to another without the help of USB drive or emails. Kopy is an awesome Windows 10 app that can help entrepreneurs to send their text to other devices in just one click. You are just required to write or copy your text in the given field of this Kopy app and by pressing the send button; it will be reached to other devices instantly. Kopy is best for entrepreneurs who are linked with some kind of newspaper agency or any other business where text has utmost important.

Download Kopy for Windows 10

Bamboo Paper


Undoubtedly, ideas are the plinth of success; giant market leaders are running their businesses on a unique idea. It’s important to note down a new idea you get while working on your laptop or tablets; if you forget that unique idea, it means that you’ve lost an opportunity to start a successful business. I personally use Bamboo Paper app to note down my ideas and after that I use this app to give a visual look to my idea by drawing some rough blueprints about that business.

Download Bamboo Paper for Windows 10

Maps App (Powered by Google)


For a business owner it’s essential to know all about locations and other businesses’ addresses. Maps app is just like Google maps and it helps an entrepreneur to search for his/her desired location by just entering the name of the place. Moreover, there are some GPS tracking devices that support Google maps, you may need to sync your GPS tracker with this maps app. Also you can track your own location with it, and it will also keep track of your locations on real-time basis.

Download Map App for Windows 10



Almost all popular email service providers including Gmail, Outlook and others don’t have a colorful interface. TouchMail can help you to fill your emails with colors, because it adds different colors to emails, contacts and any other thing regarding email. Furthermore, it runs in a modern UI environment that’s quite modish interface for Windows users.

Download TouchMail for Windows 10



It’s usual with me to forget about my tasks that I’ve planned few days ago, ToDo is a simple Windows 10 app for entrepreneurs that reminds them about their tasks on the pre-set time. You just need to add your task and set a time, it will remind you about that task on the time you’ve set before. It’s free and simple way to remember your tasks.

Download ToDo for Windows 10

All of the above free Windows 10 apps are best for entrepreneurs and you can get them from your Windows store by just typing their names in the search bar or you may download them just by going through the download links provided below every apps. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and must be more informative! 

If you feel that we’ve missed any other best Windows app in the above list, then make us to know it by leaving a comment below with your thoughts about these apps. If you have any previous experiences then let us that too! Cheers 🙂

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