First Five Things with your New Android Smartphone

Unboxing a new Android smartphone might have raised many wonders and questions in your head which would probably be something like how am I supposed to start with this smart device? Which are the bet apps which would be handy and useful for me over a long run? What is the best way to manage this device and make it run effectively? These kinds of doubts might have surrounded you brain while we are up with a solution to all your queries. This post addresses the very most significant things which need to be implemented just after unboxing a new Android smart mobile. Go through the below illustrated steps and head start your smartphone with effectual start.
New Android Smartphone

Step 1:  Charge full on initially

The very first thing a smart mobile owner must do after buying a new smart mobile is that unbox the mobile packing and assemble the battery if it has been provided separately and charge it fully. Don’t dare to use the mobile while charging and keep the mobile smart mobile in silent or the best way would be placing your smart mobile in flight mode. This would make your smart device for better battery backup and usage of mobile device immediately after unboxing reduces the duration of service of mobile battery which may make you worried soon. Your smartphone may get you trouble and your untimely thinking of downloading high-end games in your smart device soon after starting and unboxing of one week and or two weeks.

Step 2: Set Up Valid Settings in Your Smart Device

First Five Things to Do With Your New Android Smartphone after Unboxing

Following full battery recharge of your smart device set up the valid settings initially embarking with Google account settings such as getting logged in to your Google accounts (Gmail, Play store etc.,) and at the same time synchronize your mobile with your Google account (Gmail) so as to recover the data easily in case of any mischance such as loss of your smart gadget or any kind of damage. We suggest you to get connected with Wi-Fi initially instead of mobile data as it may require you to spend more data which may outlay most of your mobile data.

Step 3: Manage Device Efficaciously with Android Device Manager

First Five Things to Do With Your New Android Smartphone after Unboxing

Manage your smartphone efficacious downloading Android Device Manager from reliable and safe zone of app store Google Play Store. It would appreciable if you capture the screen shots of the details of your smart device. Android Device Manager helps your Android smart phone to maintain the smart device and data safe and secure.

Step 4: Connect Android Smart Device to Laptop or PC

First Five Things to Do With Your New Android Smartphone after Unboxing

Connect your Android Smartphone with your PC/Laptop and if necessitated then download and install the USB drivers in your devices which are required and do have the backup of most of the data which is being used in your smartphone by connecting your smart device as media device and transferring most of the media which is present in your smart mobile. Significantly to check out and be sure that your laptop or PC is fully virus free which would make you to pay huge affecting your smart device corrupting most of the media in it. Hence, it is advisable to get rid of viruses and malwares and unknown sources, Trojans for effective functioning of Android smart device.

Step 5: Install All Applications from Play Store.

First Five Things to Do With Your New Android Smartphone after Unboxing

Start and explore your journey of smart mobile applications and simplify your life. Download the applications for your Android smart mobile from Google Play store which is the only authorized store to download the applications.  We would like to help you out suggesting you few mobile applications which are as follow and get started with your new smart phone.

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