Top 6 Best Blogging Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Android operating system is best and attractive mobile operating system. Its user interface and usability attracted many peoples. Bloggers are ahead in using android OS on their mobile. Usually, blogging is the work of intense concentration. It can be done via use of comfortable workstations or gadgets. Android enabled smartphones and tablets grabbed this space. Many of the bloggers manage their blogs from their smartphones.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform which allows users to post text, images, video links, and quotes to their tumblelog. It also allows users to follow other tumblelogs that they find interesting and to view their posts on the Dashboard. It is also possible to reblog posts so that it shows up on users’ own tumblelog.

Apart from that, however The Tumblr app is capable of saving drafts, queuing posts, customizing tweets, and more. It also allows you to manage your main blog and several other blogs. One advantage of the Tumblr app on an Android device is that you can find and follow people from your address book.

If you’d like to start posting to Tumblr, you can download the Tumblr app from the Android Market.


For bloggers who would like to post longer, mostly text-based entries, then WordPress is for you. The WordPress Android app has been developed to keep up with the demands of perfect and convenient smartphone blogging. The app is fast and sleek, but works best on tablets. Blogging on smartphones may be a little difficult, given the substantially smaller display.

Just like its desktop counterpart, the WordPress app allows you to create new posts, edit old ones, view blog statistics, and manage comments on your existing WordPress blogs. A benefit of this application is that it supports both blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

If you’d like to start posting to WordPress, you can download the WordPress app from the Android Market.


Blogger was developed by Google, and because of this, it’s made the sign-up process easier. No need to create a unique username and password–you can use your Google credentials to log in and start blogging.

The Blogger app comes with features that allow early publishing of news posts, adding pictures to your blog entries, and labels. You can even add a location to each of your posts. If you’ve got multiple blogs, don’t worry. The Blogger app allows you to easily switch between them.

If you’d like to start posting to Blogger, you can download the Blogger app from the Android Market.


If you’ve been a long-time fan of LiveJournal, you will not be disappointed. The official LiveJournal app gives you easy access to your journal from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Nearly identical to its desktop counterpart, the app allows you to post entries, manage comments, as well as manage posts you’ve published.

If you’re out on an adventure and want to chronicle your progress, the LiveJournal app allows you to compose drafts so that you can post the whole thing when you either complete your adventure or when you’re ready to share it with your friends.

You can even post to communities. You don’t need to feel limited by posting just word-based entries because you can also include photos, and create and post polls.

If you’d like to start posting to LiveJournal, you can download the LiveJournal app from the Android Market.

Posterous Spaces

Posterous Spaces is an Android app developed by Posterous that allows users to manage their spaces. Spaces are lot like tumblelogs, which gives the user the option to upload a single picture or several of them in one go, sharing videos or text posts of their current thoughts. Users can create as many spaces as they want, and even create spaces for groups so that everyone involved can contribute.

Unlike Tumblr however, and much like WordPress, LiveJournal and Blogger, the Posterous Spaces app lets users control whom they can share their spaces with. There’s a whole lot more privacy involved.

To start sharing your spaces with your friends, download the Posterous Spaces appfrom the Android Market.


The Blogger-droid app may be less known than its official Blogger counterpart, but it does serve pretty much the same purpose. Developed by Anders Hedström, this app allows you a lot of the same functions of the Blogger app. You can easily create, view, and edit blog posts on your Blogger blog.

You can also upload and add pictures to those entries, as well as select the size and quality of the uploaded pictures. If you’d like to queue posts ahead of time, Blogger-droid also allows you to set a date and time for the entry to be published.

To get posting on Blogger using the Blogger-droid app, download it from the Android Market now.

With such portable apps for various blogging platforms, you no longer need to wait until you can get to a desktop or laptop just to be able to upload your freshest blog entry. You can now do so right on your Android phone or tablet. Which of these blogging apps do you use?

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