How To Increase Revenue With Google Adsense

One of the most popular and sought-after content service is Google AdSense, in fact, the leader of the relevant market. It is used by almost all website/blog owners who want to attract a target audience to a personal resource and ensure a substantial income for themselves.

However, not so few are those who are really disappointed by installing Google AdSense ad units on the site, but not receiving any real, substantial profit. Naturally, in such a situation, a person gives up – it would seem that the site is good, the content is useful, there is traffic, advertising is established, and the profit is almost zero.

Use all the power of Google Analytics

Be sure to connect to your Google Analytics personal website/blog, which will increase your AdSense click-through rate. The analytics service provides accurate statistics for each page, and you will keep track of which of them brought you the most revenue, and which does not make a profit.

This information will allow you to make changes to the design of the site by changing the location of advertising and increasing the income from each page:

  • for example, on one of the pages a block for advertising is in the center of the page;
  • on another page – below;
  • the page where the block is located in the center, according to statistics, brings you much more income;
  • This means that on other pages the block is better to move it to the center.

In addition, Google Analytics allows you to understand which page the blocks with the most expensive clicks are located. With this information, you will understand which particular page you need to promote in the first place! But not just to promote, but also to increase the profit from advertising – so this page, with the most expensive clicks, should be one of the entry points.

Feel free to experiment with the design.

I note that one of the advantages of AdSense is the ability to change the design of advertising. I recommend choosing a design that would be close to the overall design of the site.

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