What to give as a present for the New Year to the Apple iPhone user?

Happy New Year 2018

xmas tree on cell phone

 Apple iPhone gift ideas

With only a few days remaining until the New Year, there is very little time left to buy gifts for those we love. Many, of course, wanted to get a brand new iPhone for the holidays, but the budget often does not allow (and you would not give to your colleagues and friends a brand new smartphone). However maybe a useful accessory or cover especially before the New Year, will see the prices on sale following the Xmas trading period.

So, something that your Apple iPhone friend might find interesting is the unusual cable COTEetCI USB to Lightning with an indicator and magnetic mount. It differs from ordinary charges in that it shows the charging process. The owner of such a cable does not have to constantly insert and pull the wire from the connector on the iPhone for charging, because a special magnetic element is always in the smartphone. It’s enough just to bring the connector to the cable, and then the magnets will do everything for you. Technology!

COTEetCl cable


For the owner of  an Apple Watch you can give a stylish docking station COTEetCI. With it, you can not only charge a smart clock, but it also connect other devices, including the iPhone and iPad at the same time – for this there are several USB ports behind the dock. If we talk about accessories for Apple Watch, for the same price you can find  available a set of three leather straps HOCO (Cuff + Double + Single Tour), so for variety, change them every day.

 COTEetCI docking station

Another useful gift can be a universal external battery for 10 000 mAh from Xiaomi . The black case looks stylish, but more importantly – it will charge the iPhone at least 3 times faster or even more. As a stationary analogue, a Momax charger with 5 USB ports is suitable : it is connected to any outlet on the house, and then the iPhone, iPad, and any gadget, even an Android-smartphone.


Any owner of the new MacBook, believe me, will be delighted with such a USB-C adapter . “Out of the box” of the ports of the laptop a bit, but there are still two additional USB, two slots for memory cards, and still for charging remains. Ideal for 12-inch Apple laptops.

Macbook USB-C adapter

Car owners as a gift will appreciate the magnetic car holder , which is fixed in the grille of the air duct of the car and securely fixes the iPhone, even when the car is traveling over rough terrain.

Finally, let’s talk about the COTEetCI cable, which is useful to any owner of the iPhone or iPad, because it is designed in the form of a key fob – you can hang both on the keys and on the backpack, as it is more convenient.

key fob with COTEetCI cable

Grab one before the New Year as it will be available with a good discount.


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