Top 5 Platform Games on Android

When first-person shooters and third-person sandboxes became the default settings for modern mainstream games, there didn’t seem to be much room left for the simple side-scrolling platformer.

However, the rise of the mobile game has seen the dual-dimensional pleasures of old embraced by an all-new generation of platforming enthusiasts.

So, to point you in the right direction (left, obviously), we’ve negotiated the Google Play archives to bring you our Top 5 platform games on Android.

Take a deep breath and don’t look down, ’cause you’re about to take a leap of faith.

Rather than utilising the traditional pair of limbs to leap between solid platforms, the spherical star of this elasticated offering relies on spring-loaded steps to propel him to his goal. Lemme see you bounce.
Boasting some of the most inventive platforming elements in an Android title, Red Fly Studio’s physics-focused sci-fi favourite has you messing with gravity on a regular basis. Nobody tell Isaac Newton, though.
Part-Bubble Bobble, part-Super Box Crate, part-delicious cakey treat, this frantic platformer made a big impression when it bounded onto the mobile scene. Colourful, cute, and as enjoyable as it is charming.
This interesting evolution of the standard platform formula sees you manipulating not only your avatar, but the platforms themselves. A great way to test your cunning as well as your reflexes.
When it comes to presentation, there are few Android titles as beautifully buffed as SilverTree Media’s robo-centric 2.5D platformer. With visuals this good, you’ll always look before you leap.


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