How to Write a Successful Blog

In recent times, the popularity of blogging as a platform for sharing opinions and content has soared. This is because blogging is a such an easy and hassle free way to get your content across to a dedicated user base! Most blogging platforms possess a network of users which means that whatever you put on your blog, the first few looks are guaranteed. Whatever hits you receive after this would be entirely dependent on the quality of your blog. You may asking how you can ensure that your blog is successful. Here are eight ways to ensure that this happens. If not done already, take a look at this article before you continue. Very interesting.

Write a Successful Blog


#1 Content

You need to know what you are going to put on your blog. Whatever your content is, whether it is music or healthy recipes, make sure that it caters to at least a sizable niche audience. The more people that are interested in your content, the higher the chance of success!

#2 Platform

What blogging platform you choose is extremely important. Tumblr is somewhat juvenile, and blogger has a clunky interface, so by far the best blogging platform out there is probably WordPress. It is advisable that you use this blogging platform for all of the great features it provides

#3 Font

The font you choose will affect how people will view your blog. Just keep in mind, whatever font you choose, make sure that you absolutely under any circumstances do NOT use Comic Sans, as this is possibly the most universally hated font on the internet.

#4 Color

Do not go overboard on color, but at the same time don’t completely leave color out of the equation as well. Go for the happy medium. If you are unsure of what color combination to use, go online to find several services that you can use to find out which colors go with each other!

#5 Layout

Make sure that your blog does not look cluttered. Space everything out. It is natural to want to show as much content as possible in the first glance, but a sensory overload could scare away potential subscribers. If your content involves large amounts of text, try to arrange the text in a list form as this helps break the information down into more easily digestible pieces.

#6 Pictures

Visual stimulation is absolutely necessary. We live in the era of the short attention span, which means that large amounts of text will probably be ignored. Hence, it is advisable for you to add pictures and videos in order to catch a potential user’s eye.

#7 Interaction

Connect with your audience! Try to interact with people that leave comments on your blog as much as possible. Staying visible and approachable will help you come off as friendly, something which will make people want to keep coming back for more.

#8 Integration

The blogging universe is not all there is. It is essential that you integrate social media buttons into your blog’s design. Make it as easy as possible for your readers and viewers to tweet about your content and post it to Facebook and watch as your popularity soars!

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