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Now a days technology is playing a key role in the development of human beings and world. one of the most important Gadget that is contributing development in technology is mobile phone, which is used by many people in their day to day life to communicate in every field of life such as friends, relatives, work and professions across the globe. people are mostly dependent on these gadget and make their work in easier way by using available features in the mobile. As this mobile Technology is a gift to Human beings, sometime it may also turn in to curse because along with infinite advantages there are equal disadvantages. Some of the criminal activities are being done by using mobile phone such as playing prank calls, threatening calls company based fraud calls, text messages, getting missed calls from unknown number etc..Due to these activities people are getting fed up, every one is eager and want to know is there is any solution for such problems. after going through this information we are sure that you can easily will be able to trace mobile number with owner name and address and the person who is threatening or playing pranks . this will be very helpful for you guys . Here we are sharing the information about how to trace mobile number with exact owner name , location and operator .

Trace mobile number online

Easy way to Trace mobile number With Name and operator and  Exact location :

1.Mobile telephone numbering in India:

1.We will let you know some method where you can see the list of  of mobile numbers with location and telecom operator, where you just have to search and find your mobile number .

2.This method is little bit difficult because where all you need is to search and find

Must check :- Click here to know exact location with details

2 . How To Trace mobile number by online:

1.Here in this Method it is very simple to trace mobile number online by just entering the mobile number you want in the search column .
2.We are sharing , one of the best technique by which you can trace exact mobile location
3.You will know the information given below these
> Location
> Service provider
> Signaling
> State,city
Check – Locate mobile number on Google Maps

3 Download True Caller Software for your mobile :

True Caller is the worlds largest mobile phone community for mobiles. It has some great features of finding contact details globally,telephone number or given name,Beside these it has functionality of call blocking and social media integration to keep the phone book up to date with pictures and birthdays

Steps for trace mobile number with owners details :

  1. Go to True caller website
  2. Select the country and enter mobile number which you want to know details
  3. After entering mobile number ,Click on the search button.
  4. Then it will ask to access your social media’s like Facebook , twitter and much more .
  5. After completion of all the activities it will redirect to exact owner details in the Google map, where you can find list of details like location, Name , service provide etc.
  6. I likely found mine see the below image .

So I was very desperate to know how did this website trace my mobile number and I thought that I was logged in my face book or Social network account it would have traced from what I did was tried some other number which was not a part of any social network accounts and I got the result as below

Though the location was incorrect , i found the exact owner name as i was wondering how could it happen because the number i inserted it was not apart of any social networking accounts.then i started some research on their page i found a  download link which allows the users to download the applications in to mobile phone.Then i got to known how they were able to fetch details.when a user download their apps and install it on their mobile.The True caller website starts scanning all the contacts of the user and save their data in to true caller’s phone contact guys these will be very helpful to Trace Mobile Number With Exact Owner Name operator and location india.


I hope you like this guidelines on trace mobile number with exact owner name , Location and Operator in India . This the maximum information we can get from internet if you know any other techniques please do share in your comments .

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