Top 5 Android Cellphone Tracking Apps

Putting and forgetting phones somewhere, or losing them in a theft incident are not uncommon. If you’ve lost your phone at home, then you of course don’t have much to worry about since you know you’ll eventually find it. However, if you forget your phone at a place other than your home, or if it gets stolen, then things can get pretty ugly. The data on your phone can be misused, putting you, as well as your loved ones’ security at risk. This is why you need cell phone trackers. To help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the best Android phone trackers below.


Mobistealth is a great app for cell phone tracking because it allows you to track your device in different ways. One of course is GPS, but you can also track your device’s location through other means, namely Wi-Fi and radio tower signals. This feature is not present in majority of the other tracking apps, thus making Mobistealth an obvious choice if you are really serious about keeping your device and even your loved ones safe and sound. Investing in the app is definitely worth every cent.


mSpy has grown in popularity at really frantic pace. It comes with a ton of features, one of which is cell phone tracking. Its location tracking feature works remarkably well, allowing you to remain updated about your device’s whereabouts at all times.

GPS Phone Tracker Pro

GPS Phone Tracker Pro is not like any other app mentioned here as it tries to keep things simple. You want to know where your partner, kids, or friends are? Simply install this tool on their phones and it will keep track of them via GPS round the clock. You will know their location instantly and also be provided directions to reach them. This comes in real handy, especially in an accident or abduction situation.


This is another great app for your location tracking needs. You can easily find location of your device and track it on the map. This way you will be able to know the location of the phone all the time. It is also very helpful for the businesses where deliverymen have a huge role. After leaving the workplace, they can wander off to any location, costing businesses clients and reputation. However, with the help of FlexiSPY, businessmen can keep tabs on their deliverymen with ease.


Like all the apps mentioned above, Spyera has also made a huge name for itself in the market. This app aims to give you a peace of mind through its anti-theft features, including cell phone tracking. The app keeps the phone on the radar even after it has left your possession, thus helping you retrieve it with ease.

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