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Every day, we used multiple software for perform specific task because every software has specific task related features. Today I am here for latest PDF software  related review post “ Soda PDF Review – One of the best All In One PDF Software “. Soda PDF is great software. This is only one available software which is gives you modular facility, like if you need any particular features, you need to install features related module into your Soda PDF software.

LULU Software launched Soda PDF software in April 2010. If you want to use Soda PDF as a trial basis, you can download this free trial software. Not need to pay any charges. Only need to pay when you want to access premium Soda PDF services.

Soda PDF 7


Features of Soda PDF

Soda PDF is modular software. This is a great feature because every modular software provides features extend facility. If you need any specific features services, only need to services related modules, install module into software and perform module specific task. Basically Soda PDF has lots of advanced features but all advanced feature depends on modules but here I am describing some Soda PDF common or advanced features.

1)     Modular Software, easily extend software features.

2)     Compare PDF documents

3)     Apply watermark on your documents, add header and footer into your documents.

4)     Support all popular file formats

5)     Share your files on cloud storage, and easily can access your file anywhere in the world.

6)     Easily re-manage your PDF documents, available latest drag and drop feature which make your editing easier.

7)     You can easily open your all type PDF documents like comics, books and etc.

8)     Easily you can create your own PDF documents by help of various some common documents type like word, PowerPoint, Images, and more+300 file formats.

9)     You can also convert your PDF file into word, excel, html, text and etc.

10)  Easily edit any PDF file and re-manage, drag, drop, cut, copy, add content into your documents.

11)  As a security purpose soda PDF give you best security option like apply password on your PDF files. Encrypt and decrypt. and also apply permission levels which make your documents more secure.

12)   You can insert and delete link and images into PDF documents.

13)  Easily customize your PDF by help of various PDF designing tools like pencil, stamps, shapes, sticky notes and etc.

14)  Now OCR technology also support

15)  Soda PDF provides you form generation facility, here you can create form, edit forms, and fill pre designed ones.

If you are interested in free download version for access Soda PDF features. you can download by below link.

Download Free SODA PDF

LULU Software developed PDF related another supportive software. Like

1)     Soda PDF 3D Reader

2)     Soda PDF Windows 8

3)     Soda PDF Mac OS

According to previous Soda PDF description, if you want to access advanced features of Soda PDF software then you should register your Soda PDF Software according to various license according. Here you can find three Packages.

1)     Standard Packages

According to this license, you can use only convert, edit, and insert elements in your PDF projects. First of all you need to install Soda PDF 6 then install standard package module and access all features.

2)     Professional Packages

Under this license, you can use various other advanced features like (All standard package features+ Review, Forms, Secure and Sign), installation procedure are same as standard packages.

3)     PRO+OCR Packages

This is highly package license; under this package you can use all available features Professional+OCR also.

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