Samsung Galaxy S9 release date February 2018 and more

Samsung Galaxy S9 release Date

Be the first to see an image of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 after all isn’t that is what we have all been waiting to see. samsung galaxy s9 This pic is not confirmed as the real deal at this stage but we were so excited we could not resist sharing it with you all!

There have been claims that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumoured to be launched with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ in February. The rumor is Samsung is likely to preview the phone during the Mobile World Congress in February 2018 in Barcelona. Some people have been predicting an early launch in January due to Samsung being hard at work since early last year on the new OLED screens. However, Samsung have dismissed this rumor saying it is unlikely to happen. Samsung however does have to get into the market a new rival for Apples iPhone X asap.



The following points are the rumored changes to the Samsung Galaxy S9 in  quick overview.


1: It might not even been called the S9 there is a possibility Samsung will release the Galaxy X or even the Galaxy S11.

2: An extended battery life that is rumored to be around 20 hours

3: Face recognition, using 3D face mapping replacing the S8 iris scanner.

4: Repositioning of the much complained about rear location of the Fingerprint scanner to be an in-screen fingerprint scanner or just below the screen. Awesome!

5: Dual cameras

6: It will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor

7: Internal storage of 512 GB ( smashing all competition on the market)

8:The first 4K Ultra HD Video

9: 3.5mm Headphone Jack

10: Same size at 5-8 inches however there is talk of 5.65 inches

11: Price tag just under the $1000

Just remember nothing is confirmed yet, all is speculation and information distributed and readily available over the web. This is just a concise version of the gossip that is fuelling the speculation of the release date and the new features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or a rose by any other name.

If you get the gossip before we do, please do not hesitate to share it with us. We will keep you updated as we find out more.

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