MoboMarket 3.0 Released with Improved Geo-location and App Recommendations

There are several Google Play Store alternatives available right now, and choosing the best one in them is always a task. One of those recommended apps is MoboMarket, which has a vast database of applications that can be downloaded without having to use the Play Store. MoboRobo, the developer of MoboMarket has just released the v3.0 of MoboMarket application, and it comes with several good improvements to the already present features.

MoboMarket is an app store for Android phones, with the advantage being that it is a third party store and it doesn’t require any permissions or payment options and can be installed on any Android smartphone. This app has been there in the Android ecosystem since the past two years, and since its introduction, has been able to garner over 100 million users worldwide. The daily distribution of Mobomarket is about 40 million, and there are about 5 million daily active users. Having users mainly from North America, South EastAsia, Middle East, North Africa, the Mobomarket app has its own free and secure host for Android app resources.


The changes that you get to see in the MoboMarket 3.0, include the following.

  • Improved Geo-location & content pushing system that helps Android users discover the most popular Apps nearby based on location
  • More intuitive and smoother interface with a new look
  • User interest-based search & recommendation system.

Apart from the updates, the already present features include app updates from within the marketplace, download queue and smart installation where it doesn’t ask for your permission before installing the app, performance manager where RAM booster and startup optimizer features help in making the performance of the smartphone better, and an app manager helps in transferring the app from internal storage to SD card and vice-versa. The MoboMarket also features the PC connection options, and there’s an Android cleaner that cleans the unwanted files from the Android file system.

One of the advantages for the Android users, is that the same version of MoboMarket supports smartphones which run even the old Android 1.6 version, and all the versions later to it. Many of the Chinese smartphones do not come with Play Store and some do not allow it, although they run Android OS, and there, the MoboMarket is one of the most recommended app markets for downloading the applications, and it does have a large app repository.



Just like for the users, the MoboMarket platform is useful for developers as well, because the apps that are made and published to MoboMarket, are promoted and featured to get the users to download them, thus making it a win-win situation for both, the users and the app developers, as the revenue potential goes higher with the high-value users downloading the apps submitted by the developers.

To install the MoboMarket app on your Android smartphone, you need to either go to the website and download the .apk file, or scan the barcode given here. Since this is an .apk file, it will be identified as an external app in your phone, and thus, you need to go to Settings > Security and allow the external app installation to install the MoboMarket app.

Download MoboMarket 3.0 APK

If you are satisfy with its features, then it’s time to download and start using  MoboMarket today itself.

 Download Version v3.0 


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