How To get started as a Freelance Blogger (And Love Your Work)

So you want to get started as a Freelance Blogger

Do you love writing then being a freelance blogger might be the new career choice for you. This can be something you might want to take a look at initially as a way to earn some extra money.

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freelance blogging Tektrunk

Plenty of writers share their stories and suggestions in detail on their own blogs about how writing above things there are passionate about has changed their life. It might seem extremely daunting and overwhelming to start with in this field of writing when there are endless numbers of sites out there. Hopefully the information below will help to a hint or guideline about where to start off for those wanting to discover a career in online writing?

I think it is better to start at the beginning with an outline or guide so as to not be stuck on your blogging career by searching for the right niche for, this is important to find something you are passionate about. It has been proven in the past that it is hard to make cash in freelance blogging when you do not have a strong niche. By making an attempt to write about a plethora of things, you will quickly discover the one specific topic that you enjoy and that you will want to own and accidentally this will develop into being your niche. It is important to keep up your private blog up to date even though you are not paying yourself to do it, as once you apply for a freelance blogging gig you will have a collection of articles and posts that display your creative writing skills. With that said, focus on growing your following by providing relevant content. As a starting point create a list of all the topics you love to discuss with your friends, colleagues and family, then identify which particular topics you know more than the average person, you can start with these are your niche topics as you if you are excited about the topic you will probably find you will have a lot of interesting things to write about and this will keep your readers engaged and wanting to  come back and read more from you.

You want to be a freelance blogger so you can have the freedom to work from wherever you want

blogging by the beach hawaii tektrunkSure the dream is ideally blogging  from a sunny seaside location while sipping a Mai Tai overlooking the ocean. Keep that vision in mind always, even though others may tell you that it is not a realistic vision of what it truly means to be a freelance blogger, there is nothing wrong with manifesting your ideal lifestyle that is associated with freelance blogging. It is actually easier these days  to earn a reasonable income as a freelance blogger now than more entrepreneurs have discovered the strength of content marketing and with Google’s watching the content being created on websites to help assist in ranking on Google. More and more website owners realize they can not get cheap articles written and with authoritative quality information for their sites and hope to attract a strong clientele following of avid readers. There is a shift for the need of professional writers who can help build the authority of their site and deliver useful data with good headlines to get them clicks and consistent readers. This is what the modern business person will strive for to keep their ranking strong and to become an authority in their chosen niche. You need to consider is this something you can help someone else achieve with your knowledge base and writing skills. A picture might be worth a thousand words but a thousand well written words is like gold in the online world.

Writing about something that you are passionate about makes this job easier. For example, if you love to travel, technology or custom bikes. Take that passion and start your blog it is a great method for of strengthening your writing muscle and the authority of your voice on the subject matters that are close to your heart.

I have now moved on to writing for so called ‘higherpay’ projects, in the early days it was a busy phase in my life, finding my voice and my passion that helped me to grow to be an authority on the subject matters I am now for example my own blog ‘Tektrunk’ right now.

Paid freelance blogging possibilities

In the beginning you are going to need exposure when you are attempting to sell your writing skills and looking for work in the community for business that are looking to outsource their blogs and articles. Blogging for free can assist by giving samples and examples of your work so that eventually the business will love your writing style and ultimately hire you.

It is probably not going to be highly lucratively when you obtain your first freelance blogging gig. As you gain more experience your clients will want to keep you around. Once this starts to take effect it is time to raise your rates and start to realize the value of your writing skills. As you may realize freelance blogging is comfortable work you can complete from your couch in your pajamas. 🙂 However, this does not mean it is simple, you need to pay attention and focus on delivering quality work.

How to Make Money Blogging

The best way to learn on how to take you passion on  a niche subject and your writing skills is to emulate others who have been successful and made a career from this too. It is always good to follow  influential bloggers and read their  advice on’ how to’ therefore I have added a youtube video by Lou Harty that I know you will find very helpful.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this helpful and information. Should you have additional information you would like to add to this topic or direct our readers to something else you discovered helpful to becoming a freelance blogger please do not hesitate to contact us either via our contact page or or please feel free to leave a comment here.

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