How to Find your Router’s IP and Admin Password?

A router is a vital source in a network of computing resources joined to the internet. An IP address is numerical label connected to each device that is involved in a computer network. It is mainly used to identify a specific device in the network. Rourouter tek trunkter manufacturer assigns an IP address as a default address at the factory. Different brands of routers are widespread in today’s market. Each brand makes use of different IP address as a default address as per their device features and specifications. In the recent times, most of the people are interested to make use of private network servers to browse in a secure environment.

You want to know your router’s IP address and password, as it will be needed at any instance. Refer your router’s label as most of the manufacturer describe about it in the label. Every router is designed with default IP address and password. These default passwords can be altered to secure the router’s settings in high range.

  • If you obtained a used router and don’t know it’s password or if you have forgotten your router’s password, there is a way to reset the password.
  • It is also possible to forward ports without knowing the password.

Dissimilar ways to locate IP address and password

You should first try to make use of default username and password for logging purpose before resetting your router. If you consider about resetting the router to its factory default settings, you can find lots of useful information in the online resources. You can take a look at a sticker on the router itself. If you obtain the routers from internet service provider, you can notice the username and password on the router’s sticker.

  • You want to read your router’s manual as the default IP and password may differ from one model to another.
  • Take a look at the manual to locate the default IP and password. If you have lost the manual, you can search for your model number and manual on the internet.
  • Try a common combination of username and password. Most of the routers make use of admin as both the password and username.

Reset the router to factory defaults

Each and every type of router comes with a reset button. If you press it once, the router will reset to its default factory settings. This kind of reset action can bring default configurations of your router in a short time. All sorts of configuration changes like network settings, forwarded ports, custom passwords and parental controls will be wiped away. Then, it helps you to access the router with its default username and password. However, you want to spend some time for router configurations as depends on your previous configuration modifications.

  • Location of the reset button may differ from one router to another.
  • If you take a look at your router’s manual, you can get best results. Manual assists you with specific instructions and it eases your process.

First, you want to look at the back side of the router to locate the reset button. You can notice the button that is labeled as reset. The reset button is often positioned in a depressed hole called pinhole and so you will press it accidentally in any case. You want to hold the reset button for 10 seconds for resetting the router. After that, you can log in to the router with default username and password.

Commands to find your router’s IP

If you are using windows computer, you just need to type a command as ipconfig to see your default gateway. After that, you can check your output for its default IP address. The process of entering commands may differ from one system to another. You want to go to settings and then Wi-Fi to press on name of the wireless network in case of using iOS devices. Now, you can notice the default IP address of your router on the screen. Wireless networks can be easily located with the default IP address as you don’t have to enter any commands. You just need to visit the settings to view your IP address. It is really good to write your IP address and password of your router in a piece of paper to get rid of any troubles.


The IP is a default internet protocol address for most of the home broadband routers. Initially, the address is used by Linksys router and then it has been used in several other devices for home networking purposes. According to it is also used as a default address for broadband routers and modems. Companies who want to reside in a standardized computing atmosphere can make use of this IP address. Users who are setting the network for first time can easily make use of this IP address without any hassles.

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